How to Fix Internet Problems

Using the Internet is usually exciting. However, most people struggle to fix even the smallest internet connection hitches. This should be the case though, below are some of the commonly faced internet problems along with their solutions:image-computer_technology

  • PCs taking forever to boot and pop up ads that keep popping on the computer screen– These are commonly faced problem that is usually very frustrating. The slow start-up or boot up and the several annoying pop-up ads are usually a sign that your computer has a malware infestation. The malware usually comes from emails, sites that you open all over the internet. The solution to this is to always ensure that your computer operating system, your malware detector and antivirus are up-to-date.
  • Thoroughly infested device– Over the internet there are hundreds of viruses and malware that may attack your computer if it is not properly protected against them. When your computer becomes thoroughly infested with viruses and malware which is a common internet problem, you may be forced to go for the nuclear option which means formatting your entire computer and starting a fresh. If this solution still does not work, then you will be forced to buy a new device or computer.
  • Unable to send large email attachments- This is a commonly faced internet problem whereby some Internet service providers as well as some system administrators limit the size of files you can send or receive by using their mail servers. This is usually the case in work places and the solution to this internet problem would be to use other means of transferring large files such as: Dropbox or OneDrive whereby you upload the file, attach at least one email address and then send the file to the recipient.
  • Identity Theft– This is another commonly faced problem on the internet. It occurs when you receive an email that claims to be from a bank or another online account claiming that your account has a problem and that you should click on a given link to fix it. Once you click on the link your identity of the online account is then accessed, stolen and then used to perform illegal activities. The solution to this would be to ignore such emails or contact your bank or company by phone or directly from the company‚Äôs site.
  • Forgetting website passwords-This is a commonly faced internet problem whereby when you have so many passwords on so many different websites that you are registered on then it is very easy to forget these passwords. The solution to this would be to create one low- risk password for all your accounts.


From the above, it is evident that there are lots of internet problems but every problem has a solution. There is no internet problem that lacks a solution.


The solutions to internet problems should be adhered to in order to avoid experiencing the same internet problems over and over again.