Developed Society for a Future Generation

future_city_too_by_robertdbrown-d3gq92q-1Everyone is working in earnest in a bid to contribute to societal development. What many don’t realize is that this dream they are chasing so much will only be enjoyed by generations to come. It is a proverbial repeat of the story of Moses in the Bible. They also will establish the development but will not enjoy its fruits.

  • Inventions are being unrolled every rising day. Their actualization will cause great strides of development in the society. The young generation is digital and only wants to associate themselves with digital enhancements. Most people from the older generations have a challenge when using anything digital.
  • It is for this reason that these developments will be beneficial mostly for the future generations. In essence, when innovations are made, they are meant to help at a later time. This is because the plan takes time to be rolled out into a project. It also requires quite a large sum of money.
  • When a development project is started, it takes time, effort and resources to be completed. Sometimes, some of these projects do not begin to show huge returns immediately. They take time to gain momentum but when they do it is rapid forward progress.

Development happens in stages. It keeps progressing gradually until change is noticeable in the future society. As there is no stipulated time for how long it should take to completely develop the society, the generations to come are the ones who will enjoy full development.


When development takes place in a society the change can be witnessed by all and sundry. Since those facilitating it have advanced in age, it is the future generation that will appreciate their hard work.


A developed society is one that has seen the light. As the older generations pass on, they leave the great development projects to the future generation. They merely leave the place looking better than they found it.