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Online Video As The Fastest Growing Trend

video-productionOnline videos are simply videos that stream via a platform known as the internet. As technology has evolved and continues to evolve over the years, there are millions and millions of videos that are streaming on the internet and hence, online videos have become the fastest going trend. There are various categories of online videos such as: client presentation videos, streaming of online video games, movies and educational videos to mention a few.

As at 2014 it has been estimated that approximately 100 million users on the internet watch at least an online video daily. There are a number of factors or reasons that have made online videos the fastest growing trend. Below are some of those factors or reasons:

  • Advancement in technology- As you know, there has been a great advancement or evolution in technology that has majorly contributed to online video becoming the fastest growing trend. This is due to the fact that there have been so many technological devices that facilitate online video streaming over the years that have come about over the years such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and internet TV’s to mention a few. 
  • People usually retain more with an audio and visual combination- Online video is the fastest growing trend because it is a well-known fact and a proven fact that you tend to retain more and understand better through video than anything else. Statistics have also proven that you tend to retain 58% more with video. 
  • Video is more searchable- Online video is the fastest growing trend because when you are searching for something on Google, it is usually faster and easier to search for a video on Google search than it is to search for an audio. Videos on Google search are given more priority than anything else, thereby making online video the fastest growing trend. 
  • People prefer video over text- Online video or even corporate video production is the fastest growing trend because usually you prefer to watch something (video) than listen to something (audio). 
  • Videos usually give clients or customers more purchasing confidence- Online video is the fastest growing trend because most clients usually feel safer and more confident about a product after watching client production videos on it as opposed to listening to an audio about the product. 


The above are some of the factors or reasons as to why online video has become the fastest growing trend as opposed to audio. Online video is a trend that has rapidly grown over the years and will still continue to grow in the years to come.


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How to Achieve Success through IT

Information technology can really transform the efficiency and effectiveness of doing your business. When properly articulated, It can enhance your business to business and business to consumer communication thereby increasing your productivity and profit.  In terms of competition, technology can fend off competition by providing you with the competitive edge to attract and maintain customers. Here is how you can use Internet technology to achieve success.

 b417bee6c60a4695_orgInvest In Worthwhile Technology

Before adopting any form of software technology for your business, it is always good to sit down and assess the new technology. It may have revolutionised other business industries, but it would still incur you losses if you are not fully aware of how effective it can be to your line of business.

Use Your Social Media

These days, most businesses are using their social media platforms of face book, twitter, and linked in to market products and services. There are many IT companies that you can hire to train you on this. The good thing about learning about social media marketing, advertising and sales is that, you will be able to target different demographic audiences and built enough traffic to get customers purchasing your products and services.  Having an online product website is also a positive step in bringing products and services closer to your customers.

Use IT in Production

In today’s business, most of the technical parts of production are handled by use of computerised industrial machines. Adopting this ensures that your cost of production and use of materials continue to diminish. For instance in the motor assembly industry, the process of manufacturing a vehicle is done by use of Information technology. When done manually, this would have incurred extra costs and time.


In order to succeed in the use of Information technology in business, ensure that you invest in:  worthwhile machinery, social media marketing and production technologies.


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